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4 Tips for Choosing Your Custom Home Builder

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Finding the right custom home builder is a critical process that can get complicated at times. It is important to take into consideration a few key points.

The State of Rhode Island Contractors' Registration and Licensing Board recently posted some key bulletin points directed towards homeowners who are determining who they should go to for a custom-house build. From that article, we are going to elaborate on four key points.


These are given to provide funds for purchases the homeowner needs to make throughout the build. Some possible allowances for a custom house are:

  • Lighting and plumbing fixtures

  • Appliances

  • Cabinets

  • Tile flooring allowances

  • Landscape plantings

  • Granite countertops

It is important to ask whether or not the builder has preferred vendors to source these allowances from. Working with the preferred vendors helps to keep the project moving smoothly. While they may not cheapest option for you, vendors do ensure quality and reliability while being in-person resources for you as a buyer. For example, Granite Group is a local vendor that we use for all of our plumbing fixtures.


Transparency — this goes both ways in the relationship between contractor and customer. Your contractor should be up front and honest with you from the first meeting so that expectations can stay realistic throughout the pre-build and build process.

Diligently separating your wants vs. needs prior to meeting with the contractor will help keep you both on the same page.

Reputation — word of mouth is very important in the home building industry. Be sure to check with potential contractors for references and examples of their work so that you can have added confidence in your decision.


The old saying, "you get what you pay for" holds true in the home building industry as well. This doesn't mean that you should find the most expensive contractor out there either. Do your homework and ask questions to find the right balance for you. Does the contractor have a list of sub contractors that he trusts and has used on past projects?

This is where organizing your wants and needs prior to meeting with your contractor is helpful. Doing so keeps accurate expectations from the start as far as which features you are able to get within your budget.


Be open with your contractor about questions and concerns and make sure that your contractor has clear answers for you. It is important to be on the same page and not have to read into any potential wants or issues.

Be sure to have a good understanding of site access and meeting schedules. Many contractors will have a set meeting schedule that works best per the new construction project. Many will prepare meetings on site following different phases of work getting completed.

Knowing the customer's wants and the contractors meeting strategy, allows for the project to move along smoothly while giving the customer a pleasant experience.

Again, communication and transparency are keys to a lasting relationship and makes for a great building experience. A new construction custom home is a huge investment, so making sure that you enjoy the process is very important!

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